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James W. Friauf is dedicated to serving those who are victims of unfair treatment in the workplace. From unlawful retaliation by an employer, to sexual harassment cases, James will fight for you.

James also handles cases where employers do not reasonably accommodate their employees, making their employment experience unnecessarily difficult. In addition, he helps those who are not reasonably accommodated in regard to their religion or physical abilities.

The Law Office of James W. Friauf can help you with insurance and contracts, as well as other civil matters or disputes. James is a tenacious Knoxville attorney who will stand in your corner.

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Employment Law

We help those who have been unlawfully terminated, or who have not been paid proper wages.

Personal Injury

Have you been injured because of someone else’s negligence or unsafe practices? We can help!

Civil Matters

This includes contracts, insurance, claim denials, landlord & tenant disputes and more.

The mission of the Law Office of James W. Friauf, PLLC is “Helping Everyday People and Those Who Serve Everyday People.”

Have you been sexually harassed?

Sexual harassment, especially on airplanes, has become a huge problem lately. Airlines have become facilitators and enablers of this type of behavior and it has to stop. Find out about our latest case and how we have helped victims who have been sexually harassed, even assaulted.


"The Law Office of James Friauf was very courteous and professional. They were very thorough and helped me with any questions I had. I would definitely recommend them."

Amanda Hipsky


"I had a lovely experience with James & Jane. Considering I live in California and had many calls and emails regarding my case they were very professional and Organized. James is a Bulldog when you get into the court room deff someone you want on your team! We had a successful case. I would hire him again! "



"If anybody needs a pitbull of an attorney; then look no futher than James Friauf. He is extremely component and savvy. He took time to explain anything I didn't understand and made me feel like a good friend he was helping, and I was never just a number. He was able to get my settlement quicker than expected and it happened to be more than what I was willing to accept. Mr. Friauf (and his smart paralegal Ms. Jane make a wonderful..."

Brittany K.


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