501(c)(3) Formation


Non-profits and Charity Formation

Creating a non-profit organization or charity can seem like a daunting challenge; however, we have the necessary experience to navigate you and your organization through the process. It is part of our Firm’s core mission to assist in the creation and operation of Tennessee non-profit corporations and limited liability companies. We are there from Day 1 to ensure you create the proper corporate entity best suited to your charitable purpose. We will assist you in filing necessary documents with the State of Tennessee to create your organization, as well as handle application for 501(c)(3) status with this Internal Revenue Service. Once created, we will work with your organization to create bylaws or an operating agreement designed to ensure your organization maintains its charitable, tax-exempt status.

We take pride in offering our legal services to non-profit organizations and charities in our community at rates oftentimes lower than larger firms. We understand you and your organization serve to better the quality of life for the citizens of our local communities and you have limited resources to achieve your mission. We are proud to help you achieve this mission by offering legal services at reduced rates.

Wage & Hour Audits

The last problem your organization needs is an audit by Wage & Hour that reveals your salaried or hourly employees are improperly classified for purposes of overtime. Moreover, it is important that your organization’s independent contractors are properly classified and are not improperly designated employees. Our firm provides Wage & Hour audits at fixed costs designed to identify potential Wage & Hour violations. We will work with your organization to correct any such violations while minimizing exposure to the organization.

Personnel Handbooks

It is an important part of risk management and overall employee management to have a legally up-to-date employee handbook apprising employees of their rights and responsibilities. Our firm’s attorneys have experience preparing, modifying, and updating employee handbooks. We charge a flat fee for such services because we recognize it is important for your organization to take advantage of this valuable service while also adequately budgeting for such an investment.


As a charity or non-profit organization, you do not want to think about the idea of being sued or having to sue someone. If this happens, however, you want attorneys in your corner who will zealously advocate for your organization’s best interests. If you or your organization has to sue to enforce a contract, protect its reputation, or to otherwise safeguard its legal rights, we are here for you. We will also zealously defend your organization if a lawsuit is filed against it.

Risk Management

You put your all into your organization. It is as unique and hard-working as you are. Accordingly, you want to protect it. In today’s ever changing and evolving legal environment, your organization needs attorneys and counselors at law you can count on to help you manage risk. Whether the risk is from criminal activity, clients, or even employees, we can help your organization identify and manage risk.

Corporate Transfers

To achieve its charitable purpose, your non-profit organization must be dynamic and able to transform its corporate identity as needed without losing 501(c)(3) status. Our firm has experience guiding non-profit organizations through the process of corporate reorganization, transfers of ownership, and more. Ask us what we can do to help you keep your non-profit organization on the cutting edge.

Do you need help with your 501(C)(3)?

You haveve read about all of the difference aspects of a 501(C)(3). It is crucial to a non-profit’s or a charity’s success to have an experienced attorney you can turn to when situations arise. The Law Office of James W. Friauf can help you every step of the way.

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