Passengers should feel safe on every flight.

It is the responsibility of every airline to keep their passengers safe. The flight should be safe, but they should be sfae from other passengers as well. When a passenger harasses or assaults another passenger, it should be handled.

Case Study

Passenger Sues Airline for $6 Million

  • An intoxicated passenger became rowdy and made increasingly suggestive comments.
  • Despite the passenger’s behavior, the flight attendants continued to serve the passenger alcohol.
  • When notified of the passenger’s behavior, the victim was told to pretend to be asleep.
  • The assault continued and increased in intensity as the flight continued.

You have the same rights in the air

Your rights do not change when you step on an airplane. You should not be subject to harassment or assault of any kind.

It is also the airline’s responsibility to ensure that every passenger is safe and free from harm.

Every passenger should also have an incident-free flight. If an issue does arise, it should be dealt with immediately. If a passenger is causing trouble for other passengers, they should be moved immediately.

If assault does occur, that passsenger should be detained and the incident should be reported to the police, where a report can be filed.

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