Workplace Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

Forms of Workplace Discrimination

Discrimination also includes harassment and the creation of a hostile work environment because of your membership in a protected class. Such forms of harassment can be the result of actions of a supervisor or manager or as a result of co-worker harassment if you have notified your employer of the harassment and the employer refuses to correct the offensive behavior. Examples include making derogatory comments or slurs about your religion, your race, or your ancestry. You also may not be harassed because you have a physical or mental disability, are a military veteran, or you are over the age of 40.

Discrimination & Harrassment

It is illegal for your employer to discriminate against you because of your membership in a protected class: Race, Color, National Origin, Sex (including, Pregnancy), or Religion; Age (40+); Disability (physical or mental); Genetics (including family medical history); and Military or Veteran status. Discrimination may take various forms, including failure to hire, failure to promote (glass ceiling), and failing to pay equal pay for equal work. Further, you may not be selected for termination over another employee outside your protected class absent otherwise legitimate reasons.

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If you believe you may be experiencing discrimination or harassment at work, or if you believe you are being subjected to a hostile work environment as a result of your membership in a protected class, please contact us to further discuss your legal rights. You have a RIGHT to work in an environment of equal employment opportunity and free from discrimination and harassment.

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