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Civil Rights Lawyer in Knoxville

Everyone is entitled to basic civil rights, under the law of the Constitution. When your Civil Rights have been violated, if can be difficult to know where to turn. We help many victims who have had their Civil Rights violated by other people, Employers, Entities, or those who are in a place of authority.

Everyone has the right to freedom of speech. No one can hinder or take away your ability to voice your opinion, as long as it doesn’t bring physical or mental harm to others. You can voice your thoughts on any subject, without fear of oppression.

You also have the freedom to choose your own religion. No one may force you to give up your religion. Also, no one, whether they are a person, entity, government, etc., can force you to join a religion. You have the choice of which religion you belong to.

You also have the right to due process. This means that you aren’t found guilty and punished until it is proven so. You have the right to go through the legal process, which means a trial, a jury of your peers, or any other standard legal process that may apply.

These laws are in place to protect you from harm, and protect your freedom as a United States citizen.

  • Constitutional Law (Freedom of Speech, Religion, Due Process)
  • Human Rights
  • Public Accommodations
  • Education (Primary and Secondary)
  • Police, Law Enforcement Misconduct
  • Jail and Prison Abuse
  • Unlawful Arrest/Imprisonment

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