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Discrimination in the workplace can have a profound effect on one’s career, and can even spread to other areas of their life. This includes race, religion, gender & disability.


When in a legal dispute with an employer, they may terminate your employment as a result. This is unlawful termination, and is against the law for employers.

Wages and Hours

Employers cannot force you to work beyond a 40 hour work week without proper compensation. They must pay you proper wages for your work.

FMLA (Work Leave)

Employers must accomodate employees when work leave is necessary, such as maternity leave, or medical leave for themselves or to provide care for a close relative.


The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act protects the  employment of active and reserve military personnel in the U.S. called to active duty.

Personal Injury

If you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to compensation for lost wages, medical bills and more.

Car & Truck Accidents

If you’ve been injured or suffered damages from a car or truck accident, we can help you to recover those damages, which include pain & suffering, property damage, etc.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Businesses and retail locations have a responsibility to ensure their customers have a safe environment. Inuries from slip and fall accidents can be costly.

Fair Housing

No one should experience discrimination when seeking housing. Types of housing discrimination include: race, religion, gender, or disability.

Contract Disputes

Contracts can be interpreted different among separate parties. If you find yourself in a contract dispute it is important to have a knowledgeable attorney on your side.

Insurance Disputes

Insurance is supposed to be there to give you peace of mind knowing that you are protected. However, sometimes insurance companies want to avoid paying for damages.

Nonprofits, Charities

501(C)(3) formation is a service that the Law Office of James W. Friauf can help with. Proper setup is crucial for tax exemption and other issues.

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